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Saturday, November 24, 2007

My First Thanksgiving

Nana and Poppy came to visit for my first Thanksgiving. We also shared it with our friends Lyssa, Jason, and Caden. Lyssa and Mommy ran in the 71st Manchester Road Race with 9,000 other people. They enjoyed their turkey trot. Daddy cooked one turkey breast inside and one outside on the grill. He said he's hooked on the grill and will do that from now on. Uncle Jim would enjoy that for sure on his big grill. Too bad I couldn't eat any of it. Maybe next year.

Nana and Poppy gave me some early Christmas presents, since I'll be flying to North Carolina for Christmas with GranJan and Pops. I finally got my Osh Kosh engineer overalls, some cool toys and books, and a warm snuggly snow suit from L.L. Bean, Dad's favorite. Thanks, Nana & Poppy!
We heard that Uncle Drew and Erin are doing well in Nepal. I wonder how they celebrate Thanksgiving there. That's really far away. Glad to hear they're enjoying their trek.

Lately I've been continuing my development by rolling all around, starting to skooch across the floor, and have more dexterity in my hands (vocabulary is coming along, too).

Love to all and check me out on YouTube - link to the right,
Braeden - 7 Months tomorrow!

1 comment:

Drew and Erin said...

Mr. B,

Glad you had a good celebration with the fam for Thanksgiving. We didn't have the luxury of a real Thanksgiving meal here in Nepal, but we were thinking of you.

Uncle Drew