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Thursday, November 1, 2007

Colors and Cows of Vermont

I made my first trip to Vermont to stay at Bromley Mountain, a family tradition, the weekend of Oct 19-21. Mommy, Daddy, and I had a super time seeing the beautiful colors of leaves on the millions of trees up there. On Saturday morning we drove to nearby Weston to go to The Vermont Country Store where there are always treats and treasures to look at. Then we walked across the road; so, that Mommy and Daddy could taste some really old cheese. They really like that aged cheddar stuff. We made one last stop on the way home at a farm to pick up some cider. When we came out of the store, Mommy and Daddy brought me over to see the cows and horses. I never saw those animals in person before!! I stared alot and didn't say anything as I was amazed at how big they were and how they ate hay. Yuck, they should try oatmeal.
I took my second nap, and then we hiked up the mountain a little from the condo where we were staying. (Thanks, Aunt Lisa, Uncle Bob, and Justin for letting us enjoy "Bromley".) I had quite the view from the Kelty pack that Mommy carried me in on her back. I could see out in all directions in one comfy ride. Life is good! Again, I was pretty quiet because I was just so amazed at all the colorful trees, wide trails, and huge mountains in the distance.
On Sunday, Daddy took me outside the condo to play in the leaves. Since I can sit up now, I was able to sit and swish the leaves all around me to make crunchy noises. I didn't even try to eat the leaves!
I am definitely looking forward to going back there in the winter, summer, spring, or fall. It was very quiet and relaxing for all of us.

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