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Thursday, November 1, 2007

Feeding Fun

The world of "solid" food agrees with me very much! Well, I'm not exactly eating "solid" food as Mommy the science teacher says a solid is something that doesn't take the shape of its container. My food definitely takes the shape of my colorful bowls. Anyway, I started eating oatmeal about 2 weeks before my 6 month birthday. I did very well by not getting too much on my face and not spitting it out. I wanted to please Pops (my grandpa) whose favorite breakfast is oatmeal.
When I turned 6 months (October 25), Mommy decided peas should be my first vegetable. What a birthday meal!?! Actually, I liked them OK as Mommy made them from sweet frozen peas and not from a jar. Mommy and Daddy even gave me a tiny bite of the 1/2 chocolate cake they made. Get it, 1/2 a chocolate cake for my 1/2 birthday?? I think I'll take after my 2 grandma's and really like chocolate. Can't wait for my 1st birthday when I can have real bites!
My next veggie was squash, and I liked that, too. A little bit sweet and a great bright orange color. Mommy's going to give me pears next. Finally, the world of fruits. I bet I'll like them, too. A little aside, now that I'm eating solids I leave some treats for Mommy and Daddy in my diaper.

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Jackson, Sheree, & Jason said...

Mmm. Enjoy those--solids? Funny you mention it. I'm always thinking about what kind of a fluid Jackson's "solids" are. Certainly non-Newtonian. They're actually some kind of a slurry, with cereal slurrier than pears.
Maybe I'll have to write my own post about it.