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Thursday, November 1, 2007

Around My 6 Month Birthday

Lots has been happening lately, the biggest milestone being my 1/2 birthday. It is hard to believe I am half way through my first year of life! Wow!! With being 6 months comes eating solids, sitting up by myself, rolling from my back to front, grabbing and holding things pretty well, napping twice a day instead of 3, sleeping longer at night, babbling more as I discover new sounds my mouth makes, etc.
This milestone coincided with some other major events in my life. The Red Sox won the World Series against the Colorado Rockies in a sweep. Go Sox!! Halloween was a treat. I was a green costume earlier in the week to the 2 moms' M&M, and I got to visit 3 friends' houses to show off my costume. I was able to wear my groups Mommy and I are a part of. Sweet deal. One more thing, Happy Birthday, Nana! (Oh yeah, the Patriots are 8-0!)

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Drew and Erin said...

B Man,

You're growing into such a young man so quickly. I'm very proud of you. Eating solid foods, trick or treating - you're on a roll. Glad to hear that you and your mom and dad are so content these days. You make a great family!

And be sure to count your blessings that you live in such a good country and are very well off compared to lots of other little boys throughout the world. We're seeing that with our own eyes. Thinking of you from Kathmandu.

Uncle Drew