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Friday, October 12, 2007

Bye-Bye, Uncle Drew and Erin

I got to hang out with my Uncle Drew and Erin one last time in New Jersey before they leave for Seattle and then on to Hawaii and beyond. I won't get to see them until next summer when they return from their trip around the world. By then, I will be running all around and talking. Remember to check out their blog through the link on mine. We went for a little hike with Nana, Poppy, Drew, and Erin, and I rode in the Kelty pack. However, I soon got hungry and was not having it. Mommy and Poppy walked quickly back toward the car, but I needed food faster than they could get back. Hence, I cried and got pretty loud. It was a beautiful day nonetheless, and we all enjoyed the sunshine and fresh air.

Last week was a pretty big week for me in milestones. I cut my first 2 teeth!!! They didn't really cause me much pain that my parents could detect. We both are thankful for that. I also stopped feeding during the night; that sort of just happened. I still wake up during the night (1-3) times, but I usually go back to sleep pretty quickly. Lastly, I am down to 2 naps a day. That makes planning a little easier for Mommy. Overall, I am good sleeper. (I'm a little playful in my crib as I often find myself calling for Mom because I got my legs and/or arms stuck between the rails. I just love doing crib gymnastics, though!

Mommy and Daddy have decided I should start solids a little sooner than the 6 months they intended to wait. I will start tomorrow. Here are some photos that show a little bit of my eagerness for solids!

Bon appetit!

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