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Sunday, July 1, 2007

Great Grandpa

Well, I met my great Grandpa Johannessen yesterday down in Fairfield. He was SOOO happy to meet me and introduce my parents and I to Merna, his wife. We all had a grand time hanging out on beach front property on a beautiful summer evening for his brother's 80th birthday (my Great Great Uncle Hugh).

This was my first time dipping my toes in the chilly Atlantic.

I also got to meet Aunt Lisa, Uncle Bob, and Cousin Justin Hoak. Yeah, I have a boy cousin!

On the topic of sleeping, two nights ago I beat my record and slept 7 hours straight. Yahoo! (But again, last night, not so much.) I am strarting to move more in my crib and stick my legs through the slats. I think Mommy and Daddy should put the bumper in the crib before I get stuck.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like quite an adventure. Glad to see you meeting more family and checking out the beach and ocean. Also glad to hear about the sleeping record. Keep it up.

Uncle Drew

Leanna said...

Interesting to know.