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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Return to Fenway - 1st Night Out Without...

Friday night was Kurt's return to Fenway after 25 years. The Sox needed a little boost and got it, winning 10-3 after an exciting game. Kurt's lower half made it on the SportsCenter highlight reel.

We dropped Braeden off in Worcester with cousins (Aunt) Laura and (Uncle) Tom. After some brief instructions we hit the road for Boston.

Kelly felt a little more tug during the evening than did Dad, but chalk it up to being in the best ballpark in the best city in the country. We left the game after the 7th and were back in Worcester by 11pm to find a soundly sleeping son and a note exclaiming what a super easy baby he was, taking two bottle feedings and being easily put to bed. (shoulda stayed for Lugo's grand slam in the eighth, but that's another story).

Laura cooked us an amazing breakfast (we recommend it to anyone) and we enjoyed our visit greatly. Our next night out will be even more enjoyable knowing Braeden will be just fine in the care of great family and friends.


Anonymous said...

Mr. B, Mr. B, You are the man. Letting Mom and Dad go to Fenway, and being the perfect gentleman for Aunt Laura and Uncle Tom. I'm really proud of you.
Now if I can only figure out the picture of your dad's "shorts on SportsCenter".
Love ya, Grandpop

Anonymous said...

Glad that the first night out w/o Mr. B was a success on all fronts - he was a good visitor and a Red Sox win for dad. I hope Mr. B's not too upset that the Yanks are catching up fast. I bet he'd look sharp in pinstripes! Just kidding.

Uncle Drew

Anonymous said...

I always thought Aunt Laura and Uncle Tom were great so it is not surprising that they took wonderful care of you..and your Mom and Dad would never leave you with anyone who would do less... so happy they had a chance to go out togehter and great that the Red Sox won!!! Poppy is happy with that also..wish we were closer so we could take care of you sometimes. Keep up the excellent growing and sleeping... love, Nana