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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Busy Busy June Bug

June has been a very busy month with growing, learning, celebrating, and visiting! I've had some super summer fun. I do not think my blog entry will be as long as the latest one of my Uncle Drew's and Erin's, but then again, I'm not traveling the world...yet.

Now that I am totally mobile and getting more and more agile, I love to climb into little contained spaces like laundry baskets, boxes, and even fallen over night stands.

One of the best parts of June is celebrating Daddy's birthday and Father's Day. This year, Daddy had both of them on the same day. How neat. I got him a calendar that had pictures of him and me from last year on each month. Daddy brought it to put up in his office at work. All the ladies at his work love looking at the calendar.

The next terrific celebration was a long weekend in Delaware with my cousins, aunt and uncle, and grandparents. We came down to celebrate Great Great Aunt Betty's 95th birthday!!! Wow, she is 95 years young. We all dressed in beach clothes because Aunt Betty has always been fond of the beach. We all really enjoyed her party as much as she did. Back at Uncle Chet's, I LOVED playing tea party in the pool with my cousins. They taught me how to slide and stir the tea. It was so much fun just to be around everyone at Uncle Chet's and Aunt Yaritza's and show them all I can do with signing, talking, playing, and otherwise being a little boy. Thank you, Uncle Chet and Tia Yaritza, for the tasty meals, and Pops, for the delicious pancakes! I can't wait for August when we are all together again!

This past week we were busy traveling down to the Norwalk area to visit Daddy while he worked down there for a few days. Mommy and I went to see my birthday buddy, Caden, and his Mommy during the day, and then Daddy came over for dinner. Caden and I liked playing together, especially being goofy and running around together.

The next day, Mommy and I went to visit our cousins Carin and Emmaline in Darien. We played in Emmaline's pool and got to see Aunt Priscilla, too. In the picture below, I am not really trying to drink the water, but rather blow the water out through the bottom holes in the cup. I just discovered that trick that day.

On Friday, Mommy and I were back on the road down to Old Lyme, CT, to visit Mommy's college friend, Tara, and her two sons. Mommy doesn't have any pictures to share right now. I played with trains, cars, balls, and golf clubs with Wyatt while Mommy talked with Tara and held Baby Oliver. I liked seeing the baby.

Back home for the weekend, I have been enjoying bubble play, especially taking the wand out, watching the soap drip, and putting the wand back in the jar. I'm also now into mixing in a bowl (My cousins taught me this in Delaware, but I also think I got this gene from Daddy, Uncle Chet, and Pops. The shirtless summer cooking may have come from my Uncle Jim.).

July is sure to be filled with more excitement and learning. I can't wait to see Uncle Drew and Erin after many months of travel. I also hope and pray that Nana and Poppy get to move to Virginia very soon.

Live, love, and laugh,


Anonymous said...

Mr. B,

Geez, buddy, I am pretty sure that your June was more exciting than mine was. How incredible! I think you´ve definitely got the travel bug. Great to follow your adventures and see your development.

That calendar was a perfect gift for your dad. Good thinking. And I sure would have loved a piece of your dad´s father´s day/birthday cake - looked delicious! Can´t wait to see you in a few weeks!

Uncle Drew

Anonymous said...

You sure are a busy little boy, and so cute!! We miss you, and want you to post a photo with you and cousin Bridget, Hugs and Love, Nana and Poppy