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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Mystic Aquarium

Watching the beluga whales first

My first trip to an aquarium was a splash! I liked watching the sea lions best and would have liked to climb into the tank with them. They made some loud funny noises and rolled around in the water a lot. I got to put my hands in the sea ray tank, but they did not have any stingers; so I was safe. The best activity was toddling around inside the darkened aquarium in between all the big and little people and windows with fish behind them. It was so exciting!!! We saw beluga whales and little African penguins, too. The penguins were really cute, and Mommy let me buy a stuffed penguin that I kept grabbing off the shelf. It was a terrific and tiring day; so, I am going to bed early tonight. Enjoy the pictures. Good night.

Here's me playing in the ray tank.

" Braeden, Braeden, come see this!" said my friend Marika.

Here are the cute African penguins hanging out.

Come here, little penguins, so we can see you!

Here I am stopping for a moment amid my toddling to check out the BIG fish.

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Anonymous said...

What a wonderful world out there, hey little man? Glad your parents are taking you out and about to see it. Looks like you might turn out to be a scientist like mom and dad the way you´re into the fish and wildlife. Have fun tomorrow with your cousin! Tell her happy first brithday for me.

Uncle Drew