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Sunday, September 2, 2007

Williamsburg - My Biggest Road Trip

So it isn't as far as my Uncle Drew is travelling, but my trip to Williamsburg was the longest for me so far.  We went south to visit both my mom's and dad's families (Aug 21-28).  Stopping in Bear, Delaware for a night, I got to see my cousins Algi and Almy and my Tio (Uncle) Chet and Tia (Aunt) Yaritza.  I love when my tia says, "Hi, Baby!" with a huge smile.  It was a short stay, but always good to see my family.  We arrived in Williamsburg the next day where we stayed for several days.  I loved meeting my little cousin Bridget who is 6 weeks younger than me (2 1/2 months old).  She was very kind to let me play with and drool all over her toys.  I especially liked her play mat with toys dangling down for me to grab and try to put in my mouth.  Bridget was baptized on Aug. 26, and I was glad I could celebrate that with her and watch how it is done since I will be baptized soon.  

There were plenty of other people who I was glad to see: Nana & Poppy (who will be moving to Williamsburg), Uncle Jim & Aunt Liz (whose house we stayed at), Uncle Drew and Erin (who left for St. John this week and will travel around the world after that - check out their blog that I have linked to mine), GranJan & Pops (who came for the weekend from NC), and Terry (Bridget's other grandma).  With all those people we sure did have a good time, and I got to be held and played with LOTS!  The men (besides me) played golf one day while the moms cared for Bridget and me, and then the next day the mom's went kayaking while the dads watched Bridget and me. We were super both days.  
     They all seemed to eat very well each night and had lots of celebrating with Erin's birthday, Nana & Poppy's 40th anniv. (which was actually in June), and Bridget's christening.  My family sure knows how to have a good time.
     People were taking lots of pictures; so even though we
 wished we could have stayed, we have photos and memories to remember the reunion.  Well, maybe I won't remember.  We headed back to Delaware to break up the trip home, and that was a fine idea by me.  It is not that fun to sit in a car seat facing backward for 5 hours.  I do appreciate Mom trying to entertain and play with me while Dad does his best to avoid traffic.  Those 2+ hour snoozes aren't bad, though.  Overall, I thi
nk I was a good little traveller adjusting to sleeping in my pack-n-play, being in a different home with lots of people around, and being in the car for long periods. 
     I will see most of my family at my baptism in the middle of September; so, that made it a little easier to s
ay goodbye.  Can't wait to show them how big I am when I see them then. 

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