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Sunday, August 5, 2007

Nana's Visit

Nana (Mom's mom) came to visit this week and just left today. I am sad that she had to leave because we had a great time together. She watched me last night while Mom and Dad went out to dinner. I was a good grandson for her. I babbled a lot for her, giggled a little, and felt comfortable when she held me the whole time she was here. On Friday, Nana, Mom, and I went to Magic Wings and the Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art up in Massachusetts. Magic Wings is a butterfly sanctuary with butterflies from all over the world. It was amazing to see all the beautiful colors flying around us. I enjoyed watching them as I sat in the Kelty Kangaroo carrier on Mom. Then we went to see the bright and colorful artwork of Eric Carle. I wore my "Hungry Caterpillar" onesie just for the occasion. Of course, I had to poop in it part way through; so, I had to take it off. Anyway, Eric Carle illustrates and writes such appealing books both with his art and stories. Nana bought me the Hungry Caterpillar, and she read it to me last night for the first time. I think I'll like putting my fingers in the holes where the caterpillar ate once I have better hand-eye coordination. Overall, it was a great day out with Mom and Nana.

Some updates on my development...I slept for 8 straight hours last night! That was a first. I can find my thumb regularly and even use it to soothe myself sometimes when I need it. I still use my pacifier, but I hope to have my thumb do the trick once I can keep it in my mouth. I haven't rolled over since that one day, but I scooch my legs under my butt more now. Maybe I will roll again soon. Like I mentioned before, I talk a lot now, and I enjoy hearing my voice. I can grab things much better now and even reach out to grab things. I hold my body up better when in the sitting position and don't have my head falling down so much that drool cascades down. Oh, I still drool a lot; so, bibs are a common piece of my daily ensemble. We're off to a picnic today; so, I'll sign off. Bye bye.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Braeden, It's Grandpop down ;in 100 degree Hickory. Heat index tomorrow over 104!! Yikes, I wish I still lived in New England where they put aluminum foil on the windows to keep cool.
I'm amazed to see you holding your head up so well these days, and very pleased to hear you are reaching for things. It will be so much fun to get a hold of whatever you see -- as long as it's on the approved list.
I'm impressed that you are becoming so cultured at an early age what with the trip to the museum. You will grow up to be a very interesting person if you deep that up.
Can't wait to see you in 15 sleeps, Love, Grandpop