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Thursday, June 7, 2007

Welcome to Braeden the Blogger Blog

Braeden wanted a new format to communicate with family and friends near and far. So here we are, on the blogging blogosphere.

Braeden - I made my first trip up and down the New Jersey Turnpike last weekend. Sure wasn't very exciting, but I liked the Delaware Memorial Bridge. Mom fed me at the Clara Barton Rest Area. Apparently, she invented first aid. I got to see where the dogs do their thing. The best part was getting to Uncle Chet and Aunt Yaritza's house and meeting cousins Almy and Alyi, and seeing GranJan and GrandPop. Chet's family is going to Venezuela for the summer to see the family. That should be fun. Uncle Chet is crash coursing on Spanish!

We had a real great time at Great Aunt Liz's house celebrating birthdays. Great Great Aunt Betty had a "meet the family" hat that had pictures of all the relatives on it. She's a load of fun, and full of bad jokes.

I was sad to leave, but look forward to the next time I see everybody.




Anonymous said...

Braeden - Can't wait to meet you this weekend! Uncle Drew

Anonymous said...

Ah, these pictures make me long for another weekend with all the family. What a great sport you were to let everyone hold you and fuss over you. . . like that was a hardship! Congratulations on your new cousin Bridget and have fun getting to know Uncle Drew this weekend.
Love you, GranJan