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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Unlce Drew's Visit

June 12, 2007

I was so happy to see my Uncle Drew for the first time these past few days. He flew in from Boulder, CO just to see me. Wow, he is tall; so, I got to see things way up high when he carried me. He calls me Mr. B. We went to Aunt Priscilla and Uncle Dave's house on Sunday and saw Nana and Poppy there. I was glad to see them again to show them how much I've grown. Today we went for a hike, and Drew carried me in the Kelty Kangaroo carrier. I slept the whole time. Drew works for Kelty, and it was the first time he ever used Kelty KIDS gear. It was a huge surprise for me when two big boxes came in the mail today for me. He sent us a jogging stroller and bigger carrier for when Mom, Dad, and I go on longer hikes. I sat in the jogging stroller already and LOVE it. I can't wait for Mom or Dad to take me for a ride. THANK YOU, Uncle Drew. We dropped Uncle Drew off at the airport a little while ago, and I already miss him. I know I'll have lots of fun with him when I see him in August in Virginia. Please bring Erin along that time.


Anonymous said...

We knew you would like Uncle Drew and what a bonus to see your world from new heights. Pretty soon, when you start crawling, you won't see anything but rug fuzzies! Tell your parents to start that jogging - your dad always liked anything that involved speed, so tell him to jog FAST.
Love ya,

Anonymous said...

Mr. B,

Great to meet you and spend quality time together this past weekend. It was really a thrill for me and I learned so much watching you and your parents. You are really lucky to have two such great, caring parents like you do. And I can tell you take after them with how quickly you got this post up.

You look adorable in the stroller. Hope you enjoy the Kelty gear and that it allows the Knotts family to get out into the outdoors together a bunch. Can't wait to hang again in August. I promise I'll bring Erin nest time. Until then, be good to Mom and Dad.

Uncle Drew