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Saturday, June 23, 2007

June Chills and Good Sleeping

Hey, what are these things on my hands? Oh, Mommy said Daddy refuses to turn on the heat in June. It's 44 degrees out this morning, and my hands are freezing! Daddy says I have to get used to it.

I'm getting to like my swing more these days. Thanks, GranJan and GrandPops!

Last night I almost slept through the night. I went to bed at 7:30, woke up at 11:30 to feed for 5 minutes (mindight snack), and didnt feed again until 6am. I just need my pacifier a little bit more.

Thanks Aunt Bonnie for the Papelbon T-Shirt and cool pants! Go Sox!


Anonymous said...

Cool pants indeed! Oh those little girls at your play dates are going to be eyeing you.
Almost sleeping through the night? Congratulations to all - keep up the good work. There is life after childbirth :-)
Love you,

Anonymous said...

HI Braeden, What a brave guy you are getting all those shots and the big swallow!! You'll get used to that swinging thing soon I'm sure.
We didn't send the heat. Mother Nature is your neighbor and she does some strange things. She's trying to cook up some thundershowers here right now.
Love you, Grandpop