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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Maine Weekend

Nanna came to visit me this weekend from Virginia. She took care of me on Thursday and Friday while Mommy and Daddy were at work. She's fun! We had great times. I missed Poppy, he had to work at the winery this weekend, and couldn't make the trip.
We traveled up to Maine to see our friend Katie Pasini's wedding in Portland and Old Orchard Beach. Daddy grew up north of there, and it was good for him to get back.

That's me getting the dancing started at the wedding. I had fun dancing with my friends Cole, Elli, and Morgan.

That's us at brunch this morning, we had a great time racing in the halls of the hotel.

After brunch we drove to Cape Elizabeth and saw the rocky coast and lighthouses. The rocks really look like wood, but much harder. The water was calm and the sky was very clear and warm.

I'm about to have my first taste of lobster. It's really a bug that lives in the ocean, but people love to eat them, apparently. We'll see....

Of course, I'm not big enough to warrant the full market price of a lobster roll, so I got a taste along with my fish burger.

Mmmmmm - sorry you missed this, GranJan...

Yum, Lobster's gooooooood!

And woopie pies are pretty tasty, too. If you've never heard of one, you'll have to go to Maine to experience it for yourself!

My parents are pretty darn good to me. So I behaved well and was a good traveller for them. It didn't hurt to have Nana along, too, to help watch me. I look forward to the next trip!


Anonymous said...

What a great weekend for all of you. We thought we had a beautiful paddle on the lake here in NC today, but those pictures of the Maine coast sure make us nostalgic. That was quite a lunch spot. I'm sure the price of the view was included in the cost of the lobster.
Braeden - now that you have a taste for the indigenous foods of Maine, I know your daddy can't afford lobster on a regular basis, but he can make woopie pies any time :-)
Love to all,

Anonymous said...

Yep, those lobster photos have me salivating, too. Not too much lobster out here in the Boulder reservoir.

Also the photos of the coast are amazing. Glad you all had such a great New England weekend and that mom could join you.

Uncle Drew

Anonymous said...

Hey Braeden,

It was great to see you in Maine last weekend. I thought we put on a pretty good show on the dance floor; everyone was pretty darn impressed with our moves. Hope we can get together again sometime soon.

Cole and Cara, too!