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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Tractors, Teeth, and Tons of Fun

OK, so it's not a tractor, but I have come to realize that Daddy is a ton of fun to play with!! He showed me how to ride my bike and do wheelies!! He also is great at chasing me around and around the living room couch and hiding sometimes. Also, his fondness of mowing the lawn has rubbed off as I recently learned the word lawn mower and loved having a chance to actually use one at a friend's house. Getting back to the tractor, I learned that word last week and love saying it and seeing one. I 'm not sure if Mommy got a truck&tractor book out of the library before or after I started saying the word, but either way, I really like reading that one.
I finally got a molar last weekend with another one coming very shortly. It has not bothered my eating, but enhanced my ability to chew large quantities of food in my mouth at once. I seem to enjoy playing with my food more these days ...Our summer has been wonderful so far. I get to play outside a lot, go swimming, help Mommy water the flowers, go in my swing, take rides in the stroller, climb around at playgrounds, play with bubbles, and play with many friends.

My buddy, Caden, and his Mommy came for a visit this week, and I showed him how to ride my bike. He liked it as well as my new toy trains that my neighbor gave me. He also liked digging in the dirt and playing with the water out on my back deck like I do.

I am really excited about my Uncle Drew, Erin, and Nana coming to our house next week. I have not seen my uncle in over a year, and Nana will be moving soon. I will be sure to have tons of fun with them all. My Mommy's friend, Lauren, and her two twin daughters are coming to visit on Tuesday on their way to Boston. I'm sure they will be fun to play with as they are a year older than me and know how to do and play a lot.

Keep cool!


Anonymous said...

See you soon, little man! Can´t wait!

Uncle Drew

Jim said...

How do I teach Bridget to mow our lawn??!!