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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Family Trip to Hickory, NC!

I'm a little late in telling you about my summer vacation to GranJan and Pops, but I still hope to give you the flavor of our trip.
Day 1 - We arrived by plane pretty smoothly. I was a good boy and made it a decent flight for Mommy, Daddy, and all the other passengers. I wore my "Grand (old) parents" t-shirt, and GranJan and Pops recognized themselves on it. They laughed.
Note the pictures on my shirt are from when Mommy met GranJan and Pops at the airport for the very first time.

Day 2 - Daddy played golf on a really nice golf course while the rest of us went down to Lake Hickory for a boat ride. Well, I didn't get to go, but I found plenty to do on the shore, especially once Alyi found some rubber worms to play with. We relaxed in the afternoon and had a few drinks.

Day 3 - We went for a walk around the neighborhood and did some splashing in the sprinkler and little pool GranJan and Pops borrowed. We went in a big pool that afternoon at a friend's house. No brought their camera, so no pics for that.
Day 4 - While Daddy and Uncle Chet played golf and Pops went to work, the ladies and I went over to friends of GranJan and Pops to see their two fluffy and cute dogs. I really enjoyed throwing the ball and watching them run after it. In the afternoon some of us went over the the town pool to cool off. It was an unusual town pool because this one had a really long windy slide that I went down with Daddy, and Alyi went, too.
Day 5 - We has another easy morning and then went off to the science museum in town after my nap. Alyi and Almy made their own news broadcast. I missed that part. We all liked sticking our hands in the turtle and stingray tanks.

Day 6 - The whole gang enjoyed a peaceful hike in the woods. It was so calming that I fell asleep near the end.Day 7 - I went to another park with GranJan, Mommy, and Daddy while the rest took a little tour of Hickory led by Pops. We met up for lunch before heading home and relaxing.
Day 8 - This was our travel day back to CT. All went smoothly, and I enjoyed my plane rides once again. I loved seeing all the airplanes at the airport.

Other notes about our trip.
I had fun playing with and getting to know my grandparents, aunt, uncle, and cousins better.

We seemed to always have good meals. Almy had to remind me to only eat ONE at a time. I think I heard that alot...Alyi and Almy also wanted to try on my stylin' bibs.We danced alot, and the Delaware Knotts helped me learn my rhythm both dancing and playing instruments.
Thanks, GranJan, for changing my diaper so many times.
Overall, it was a very memorable, relaxing, and special time with my family. Can't wait to do it again!


Uncle Chet said...

We agree; it was a very relaxing and memorable time with our family.
Wishing we were still there together, little buddy!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great adventure with the Knotts clan. Looks like you had a blast!

Uncle Drew

Phylicia said...

It might be one of your memorable family vacation trip.