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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

11 Months

I've had a wonderful first 11 months of life! As they say, "Life is good!"

My latest tricks include taking a few steps holding on to only one hand of someone. Maybe I'm not that far off from walking by myself. I also learned how to put objects into something else and not just take everything out. I kept hearing Daddy talk about the object of some game was to putt the ball in the cup; so that is just what I did. I dropped the plastic golf ball I have into the red and blue cups that I play with. I guess I may be ready to go out and play that game with Daddy. He's been talking about it a lot lately because the weather is getting warmer.

This week it has been sunny and a little warmer so Mommy and I have been outside playing a little more in the yard. I especially like to take the wood chips and throw them out of the raised beds in front. When I see birds or dogs I grunt in excitement. Big news is that Mommy heard me say duck today a few times after we saw some on the lake and she called them ducks. That is one of my first words besides "Da da" and maybe dog.

I had a wonderful Easter celebration at Great Aunt Priscilla's and Uncle Dave's. It was great to see Nana and Poppy. Nana gave me my first Easter basket. Thank you!! I showed them in person how I can push furniture around (a play table). I got to play with my 2nd cousin Emmaline; we both provided much entertainment for all.

I am ready for my Daddy's family to come tomorrow. I have not seen them in a while so I bet I'll blow them away with how big I am and all that I can do.

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Drew and Erin said...

Have a great visit with the Knotts crew! If history is any guide, I'm sure you'll be well fed and enjoy lots of laughs. Enjoy!

Uncle Drew