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Saturday, March 8, 2008

10 Months and Crawling

I've learned to crawl. My belly was getting worn down. Now my knees and shins are bruised, but crawling on all fours is a much more efficient way to get around.

I'm also getting stronger and can push furniture across the room (like the coffee table and kitchen chairs).

Today I went in the pool for the first time with Mom and Dad at Waterbabies. I think I liked it. I'm sure I'll like it next week when my stomach bug is hopefully cleared up. I may have been a little punky today.


Drew and Erin said...

Mr. B,

Wow! You are all over the place - walking and crawling and pushing stuff around. Incredible! And love the photo of you smiling with your few teeth glimmering. We miss you much and look forward to seeing more of your adventures as you grow up before our eyes. Hope your tummy's feeling better.

Uncle Drew

sheree said...

Congratulations, Braeden, on the new mobility! Tell your mom to get you some good knee pads.