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Monday, April 21, 2008


Vacation is always good! I had a blast visiting my Uncle Chet, Aunt Yaritza, Cousins Alyi & Almy in Delaware and Uncle Jim, Aunt Liz, and Cousin Bridget in Virginia. Mommy and Daddy said I did a terrific job in the car and with my sleep throughout the trip. Why that's a big deal, I have no idea.
At Uncle Chet's I really liked playing with the heavy rock eggs and balls and trying to climb their stairs. I don't have stairs in my house so it is always a treat when I see them at other people's houses. Alyi and Almi are getting so tall compared to me. I really like them because they play with and smile at me. On our way home we stopped at their house again. That time I gave Aunt Yaritza a few more smiles. I'll see them all again in June when we celebrate Great Great Aunt Betty's 95th birthday! WOW, she's had a lot of birthday parties! Lucky her.

When we got to Williamsburg, I was happy to be out of the car and to see another little person like me, Bridget. She had some very fun toys she shared with me the whole time we were there. The big cardboard box was lots of fun, and the fireplace was, too. I'm not sure Bridget was supposed to be playing with it, but I kind of ruined that. Sorry, Uncle Jim and Aunt Liz. I may have also taught her a bad trick by climbing up the stairs. They are just too hard to resist. Each morning we were happier and happier to see each other. Mommy and Daddy enjoyed their time with my aunt and uncle after Bridget and I went to bed. They could finally take a break and drink some wine. They celebrated Uncle Jim's birthday one night. It was a relaxing time and a great time to get to know my family a little more.

We were supposed to stop at the Willis's on the way home for a night or two, but they were sick. Daddy had a super idea to stop at Rehobeth Beach, Delaware for a night instead and then to Uncle Chet's again. It was sunny and pleasant at Rehobeth so I got to play in the sand a little and Daddy even put my feet in the chilly water. I think I like the beach. (I know that makes Nana and GranJan very happy!) I even got to eat a little bit of crab cake. Yummy!

Now that we're back, our next big event is my 1st birthday. WOW, my first birthday party! I wonder what they're like?

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