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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Play Date with JP

Yesterday I met a new little buddy, JP. Mommy's friend from her teaching work came over with her 8 month old son; so, we could play together. We shared our tricks with each other like him showing me how to clap and me showing him how I scootch on my belly. JP really liked my jumper; he was good at jumping and swinging because he had a lot of practice from home. Hopefully we can play together again soon.

Watch out, I am on the verge of crawling!
The last couple days I've taken a few crawling
movements before flattening out to my belly. I enjoy the military crawl and am reluctant to give it up, but I hear once I can crawl, I can get places quicker. That will be a thrill.

Time to get some rest. All this moving, reading, playing, banging, and growing makes me tired.

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