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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Even More Outstanding

I can now officially stand up in my crib all by myself. I can do it while I'm supposed to be going down for a nap or when I am finished! The great thing is that I already know how to lower myself back down. Mommy says that is a good talent to have. Even since last post, I am much better at pulling myself up to standing. I really enjoy the exercise of up, down, up, big falls...yet.

I am currently teething with my 7th and 8th teeth; so nights are a little stuffy and wake-y. That shall pass, and I will have more chompers to chew my food while Mommy and Daddy will get a full night's rest again.

Speaking of Daddy, he took the Patriots' lose in the Super Bowl pretty well, as did I. I didn't even get to watch it because I was snoozing away. Now Daddy is focussed on golf! He says he's ready for the season to begin. I'm not really sure how that game is played, but Daddy says I'll like it.

Have a happy Valentine's Day!

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