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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

One Year Old!

I'm one year old now and doing some great stuff. Sorry I haven't blogged in a while, but I've been very busy. I had a marvelous time celebrating my birthday at Nana and Poppy's. I ate my first piece of chocolate cake and loved it!! It was so sweet especially the icing. Thanks, Nana, for baking and decorating it for me. I was a pretty clean eater compared to many pictures of first birthday cake eating that I've seen.

Nana came to visit us the next week, and I had a very fun time with her. I got to spend some time with just her, no Mommy or Daddy. That was extra special for both of us. One day, Nana, Mommy, and I went the Lutz Children's Museum where I saw birds, turtles, rabbits, snakes, and some other animals. I loved the fan-tailed pigeon the best. I got to play in the farm room and pretend I was milking a cow. I wanted to lick the bucket, but Mommy wouldn't let me. We celebrated an early Mother's Day with Nana and Mommy one night. I am glad I have a Mommy and two grandmas who love me so much!

Last weekend was Mother's Day, and Mommy, Daddy, and I celebrated by going for a hike with our friends, the Ellis's, at a nearby park. On Sunday we went to church and then took a hike at nearby Case Mountain. Daddy carried me in the backpack both times. Thanks for the ride, Daddy! We had gorgeous weather both days.

In between all that activity, I'm learning to point at objects, walk, and eat with a spoon (and help unload the groceries as you can see to the left). Just this morning, Mommy asked me where the lady bug was in one of my books, and I took my pointer finger and pointed right to the lady bug! Last night, we played this fun game where Mommy and Daddy sat a little bit apart from each other and had me walk between them. They would catch me if I fell when I got to them. It was so much fun I was giggling up a storm. I think I'll try some more walking on my own. I've had a few chances to use a spoon to eat my own food, and I'm pretty good at it. Mommy helps put the food on the spoon, and then I hold the spoon and put it in my mouth. We've practiced with sticky foods like avocado and lasagne so the food doesn't fall off the spoon so easily. Oh yes, I did get my 8th tooth a week or so ago. That makes for easier chewing and biting.

I am excited to go hiking with our CT cousins this weekend. It should be another great time in the woods.

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