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Sunday, May 18, 2008

"And the Walking Man Walks"

That's me. This weekend I finally started walking on my own initiative, and it's great!! I can tell there will be lots of falling, but that is one reason why I wear a diaper. Check out the videos. I can stand up from the ground by myself now, too.


Jim said...

What a confident strut! Congrats!

Drew and Erin said...

Wow! We´re so impressed. He´s a good walker already. Very fun and amusing to watch some of his first solo steps.


Anonymous said...

Great job Braeden! You look fabulous. My mommy says I make the same high-pitched shrill when I get excited, too. I am still using the couch to walk and mom says that is just fine with her. I don't think she wants to be chasing around after me quite yet. Hopefully we can get together this summer and play.