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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Happy Birthday Little Jamie

We celebrated Jamie's 1st birthday by giving her pretty flowers at her grave, thinking about her and missing her while at the beach in Niantic, eating a nice seafood lunch, singing happy birthday to her at her grave and before blowing out the one candle on the birthday cake Daddy and I made, and, of course, eating the yummy cake.  It was a good day as a family.

We've been to the butterfly garden, Baby Wings, down the road from us a few times lately, and today we helped release some butterflies.  The garden was created by a nurse at the hospital where Jamie and I were born who wanted to honor and remember babies like Jamie who died and others who never had a chance to be born.  We really like that it is just a mile down the road from us.  My favorite thing to do there is play hide and seek among the rows of rhododendrons and otherwise run up and down the rows.

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Tara Jane said...

Happy birthday to your little sister Braeden. Hugs to you and your ma and pa.