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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Easter's on Its Way

I can tell because I have been to two Easter egg hunts already, and I think Mommy said there is one or two more. 

I got back from Virginia yesterday.  The plane take-offs and landings were a little bumpy which I didn't like, but I had a super time with Nana, Poppy, Uncle Jim, Aunt Liz, and Bridget.  I went to the Easter egg hunt in Bridget's neighborhood and found the golden egg!  I saw a fife and drum parade at Colonial Williamsburg. I LOVED it because I want to be a drummer some day.  We also went to Jamestown to see the ships and villages from a long time ago.  We did some other fun stuff, too.  I will show some pictures soon.

Before we left for Virginia, we had a crayon party here to make new fun-shaped crayons out of old crayons.  We made the new crayons for Crayons for Cancer ( which raises money for the kids like Jamie who have cancer and go to the same hospital she went to.  I like using the "crayon slicer".  Don't worry; it was safe for even a 2 (almost 3) year old.

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Tara Jane said...

What a great searcher you are. Make sure to "find" some hugs for your Mom and Dad.