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Saturday, February 13, 2010

I Have to Go!

That is what I have been saying lately as I'm learning to use the potty all by myself! Mommy and Daddy said they are very proud of me, especially today because I didn't have any accidents in my undies. Today was my 3rd day of officially potty training.

Oh yeah, Santa fixed and brought back my Polar Express train, and I love using the remote control to make it go around the track.

Happy Valentine's Day!!


Anonymous said...

Happy Valentines Day.

We love you and are happy to hear of your potty training success..

Hugs to you and Mommy and Daddy.

Love, Nana and Poppy

Anonymous said...

Wow, Braeden! That is really exciting. We are so proud of you. Lexie is only going periodically for us, so I think it might be time to break out the big girl panties. Keep up the good work!

Terry, Norm, and Lexie

Anonymous said...

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