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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Planes and Boats

Yesterday Mommy and I did a project. We made a cool airplane (out of a diaper box) that I can fly! Check out my flying skills below.

Today we stepped it up a notch, and I went canoeing with Daddy! It was my first boating trip, and it was great fun. I kept wanting Daddy to keep paddling. Our "new" boat is one that Great Uncle Dave made way back when. We thank him for passing it along to our family.
What a memorable Father-Son moment

Mommy and Jamie were planning on canoeing with us, but when we tried Jamie's new life jacket on...

"I'm not sure this fits, Mommy & Daddy..."

"Get this thing off me!!!!!!!!!"


Anonymous said...

Wow - I love it. It's great to see the canoe sea-worthy again after all these years. My dad(Great Uncle Dave) would have been thrilled! I was just a bit older than Braeden when we first launched this canoe back in the early 70's.
Happy paddling (and flying)
:) Laura

Anonymous said...

Adorable, as always..Love, Nana

Anonymous said...

Looks like a memorable fall in New England! Thanks for sharing the photos and videos and stories.

Uncle Drew

Anonymous said...

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