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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Blessed Jamie

My sister has arrived! July 24 at 11:47 AM is when I officially became a big brother to Jamie Lynne Knotts (We call her Jamie). There aren't too many perks quite yet, but I have gotten a lot of presents. We both thank you!! She was 8 pounds when she was born, but she looks a little bigger now. I have held her a few times on my lap, and she seems heavy to me. She can't play with me yet, but I am excited for when she can. I hope she likes trains, trucks, and playing in a band. Mommy has been very busy nursing, carrying, and changing her, so sometimes I can't play with Mommy as much as I'd like to. When Daddy is home, it's a little better.

I had great visits from my two sets of grandparents since Jamie was born. They were very helpful in taking care of me, Jamie, and Mommy & Daddy.

I hope to post more blogs this year, but being a big brother may take a lot of time.
Love and hugs,

I can't always be the "big" brother!


Anonymous said...

I love the new blog! I read somewhere that you know your siblings longer than anybody else in your life. Looks like Braeden and Jamie are off to a great start!
Cousin Laura

mile high said...

hey its me cousin nick i love them so much they are great