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Sunday, January 6, 2008

My First Christmas

My first Christmas was spent in North Carolina with my GranJan and Pops. I got to take my first plane ride there, and I liked it. My ears didn't hurt, and I slept for half of the flight. Of course, my favorites on Christmas were the ribbons, wrapping paper, and boxes. Actually, no. My favorite gift was the Braeden-size wooden spoon that Pops whittled especially for me after watching me struggle with the adult size one. I appreciate all the gifts I got from both sets of grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and Mommy and Daddy. I have been playing with, reading, and wearing them all! I even got my sixth tooth on Christmas Eve!

While there I met my grandparents' friends and took many walks around their neighborhood. It was warmer than CT. I had fun exploring GranJan and Pops house, taking baths in their tub, playing in the laundry basket, playing the piano, eating in the booster seat they borrowed, and sleeping in the crib they borrowed. It was a very comfortable and relaxing holiday. I miss them.

I traveled to Rutherford, NJ, on the 29th to see more family, especially cute Cousin Bridget. Uncle Jim and Aunt Liz were there, of course, and so were Nana and Poppy, Great Uncle Jack, Great Aunt Lisa and Uncle Bob, and Cousin Justin. Thank you, Terry, for hosting us all. It was a quick visit, but I enjoyed seeing everyone, and I think everyone liked seeing me.

Currently, I am being weaned off one of my annoying, early morning feedings. Mom and Dad are good about reassuring me that it's OK to stay asleep from 11:30 to 6am. So far, it's working and I'm only up one time, and even that one's getting shorter and shorter. I'm also not very content to sit in one spot, and am wanting to be helped with my walking. I still only skooch on my belly, but that's OK with Mom and Dad, I'm not that fast.

My mouth is fun and making all kinds of new word sounds. Moving my tongue in different ways makes different word sounds. I also whine more now, to let Mom know that I miss her when she leaves my sight, and let Mom and Dad know when I'm bored, hungry, or tired.

I wish all my friends and family a safe and happy new year. Special thoughts go out to Uncle Drew and Aunt Erin as they travel the globe and see how other cultures live and struggle. They remind me to be thankful for my loving family and all the resources they have at their disposal.


Anonymous said...

Wow, Braeden! Six teeth already. I don't have any yet and my mommy is not looking forward to their arrival either. I am just learning how to sit up right now, but I also like to walk with help. I can scoot on the floor too, but only on my back. I just can't figure out how to work my arms and legs yet to get anywhere. That is another thing that mommy says I can take my time with.

And I also know exactly how you feel when mommy leaves the room. Don't they understand that we should be the center of their attention at all times and they are not suppose to be getting anything else done...even if it is to go fix a bottle or warm food. That stuff should take care of itself!

Well, I can't wait until I get to see you again. Glad to hear you enjoyed your Christmas. My favorite was all the tissue paper!

Take Care, love Lexie

Drew and Erin said...

Mr. B,

Wow! What an exciting first year! Sounds like the holidays could not have gone any better. I'm jealous that you were surrounded by all your close family and friends. I missed them this year. That's why it's great that you can keep this blog so that I can read about your goings-on even from Chang Mai, Thailand. How amazing our world is. Take care and be good for mom and dad. Good luck on Super Bowl Sunday. Hope you and Dad bring home a winner.

Uncle Drew